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The Gladeville Utility District's new ServLine Leak Insurance Program will be implemented beginning with water used on or after October 1, 2017, with the first water bills covered by the insurance being those due by December 10, 2017. This insurance Program will automatically enroll every Residential Customer into the Program.

Please note that any residential customer may decline to participate in the Leak Protection Insurance Program by calling our toll free Gladeville ServLine Customer Service number at (615)-470-0187. Any customer declining to participate in the program will be documented, and this customer will then be responsible for the full amount of their bill, with no adjustments for leaks being made.

  1. 1. All water which passes through a water meter shall be purchased by the customer. Customers are responsible for keeping their plumbing repaired and in good working order. Failure to make timely repairs may disqualify a customer from a leak adjustment.

  2. 2. A leak may be evidenced by a bill for water used that is more than double the customer's average monthly usage for the previous four (4) months. If the period of connection is fewer than four (4) months, then usage in the four-month period immediately following the month in which the leak was repaired may be used to establish the customer's average bill, at the General Manager's discretion. To qualify as a leak, the water loss must be underground, within walls, under the floor or otherwise concealed and may not be resulting from the fault of the customer or his agent.

  3. 3. No customer shall receive more than one leak adjustment for leaks on the customer's premises during any 365-day rolling period, beginning on the date on which the first leak is entered into the District's records system. Normally only one month's bill will be adjusted, with that month to be determined by the customer. However, the District's General Manager has the discretion to adjust a leak that spans more than one billing period if the leak otherwise qualifies under this policy.

  4. 4. Adjustments on water bills will NOT be made on or for the following:
    1. a. Residential customers who do not have their own water meter.
    2. b. Commercial or Industrial Customers.
    3. c. Leaking faucets, toilets, water heaters (except those in crawl spaces), or other faulty or leaking plumbing fixtures.
    4. d. Premises left or abandoned without reasonable care for the plumbing system.
    5. e. Watering of lawns or gardens, whether by irrigation systems or manually.
    6. f. Outside water spigots or hydrants that are left running, whether intentionally or accidentally.
    7. g. Excess water charges not directly resulting from a qualifying plumbing leak.
    8. h. Periodic or continual filling of swimming pools or other water containment vessels and/or leaks from such pools or vessels.
    9. i. In general, water usage related to the malfunction of automatic livestock watering devices or systems, or other such automatic devices or systems, whether the malfunction was caused by humans, animals or malfunction of the device or system itself, will not be considered a leak. However, the District's Board has determined that a customer may receive, one time only, a single leak adjustment for a malfunctioning device as identified above, provided that the customer provides a written statement to the District's business office stating that the device did in fact malfunction. This exception is not transferable and will not apply to any customer who may, at some future date, occupy the premises where the device is installed.
    10. j. In general, water usage that occurs due to the malfunction of a water softening unit will not be considered as a leak. However, the District's Board has determined that a customer may receive, one time only, a single leak adjustment for a malfunctioning water softener, provided that the customer furnishes a written statement from the company that serviced and/or repaired the water softener, stating that the unit did in fact malfunction. This exception is not transferable nor will it apply to any customer who may, at some future date, occupy the building where the water softener is installed.

  5. 5. The District, through our ServLine Insurance Program, will not be obligated to make adjustments of any bills not submitted for a leak adjustment within ninety (90) days from the billing date.

  6. 6. All requests for billing adjustments must be made through our ServLine Insurance Program. Customers who decline to participate in the ServLine Insurance Program will not be eligible for a leak adjustment. Customers who qualify for leak adjustments through our ServLine Insurance Program will be responsible for paying their 4-month average bill, per the stipulations of Paragraphs 2 & 3 above. ServLine will pay up to $2,500 of an excess water bill resulting from a qualifying leak. Amounts in excess of $2,500 will continue to be the responsibility of the Customer. Adjustments are limited to the stipulations of Paragraph 3 above.

  7. 7. Customers must present proof that a leak has been repaired before an adjustment will be made (i.e., copy of invoice for materials or bill from plumber).

  8. 8. The District shall first determine that the meter was properly read. If an investigation of the meter and meter records establishes that the meter was misread or that there was a failure of utility equipment, a new bill will be issued with the proper reading or using an estimated reading based on an average of the past twelve (12) months billing for this period. There will be no penalty assessed in the event the adjustment procedure delays payment past the penalty date. If such investigation establishes that the meter was properly read and that there was no failure of Utility equipment, the bill will remain valid and payable.